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Buildings and special structures

In the field of construction the work of ID Composites spans all the materials cycle from research and development to the repair and reconstruction. Its aim is to obtain the highest performance materials.

Composites ID has its own method of design of very high strength concrete in both normal and self-compacting concrete or colored (spectrophotometer).
Composites has implemented special projects with heavy concrete, slightly expansive, light, porous, high ductility, low cost, self-compacting, projected tixotrípcos, colored, steel fiber, carbon, glass, kevlar, basalt, polypropylene ....

Highlight white concrete building entrepreneurs or self-compacting of the library of the University in Segovia. We must also mention the studies of prestressed concrete high ductility, strength and durability to the concrete towers for wind turbines over 100 meters high.

In the field of composite materials and procedures have been developed protocols repair and reinforcement of concrete structural elements. The target return structural continuity, increase the performance of materials and the possibility of use thereof and durability.

In the last year, Composites ID has been devoted to study the rheology of self-compacting concrete with high fiber for wind turbine towers and special works. It also is studying the behavior of reinforced concretes and different fiber types.

In the field of composite materials have been studied various fiber laminates and epoxy mortar as reinforcement system for concrete structures. Finally highlight the projected white concrete domes thixotropic for large buildings.


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Composites ID participated in the construction of Torre Espacio (OHL), devised by the New York studio Pei, Cobb, Fredd and Partnerss. Torre Espacio is thus one of the most emblematic buildings and unique business Madrid consisting of 223 meters, 56,250 meters square computable, 50 floors above and six below ground flush. Composites design ID dosages of different concretes have been used in all of Spain highest tower structure made ​​of concrete.


Were designed and controlled four types of concrete (HA 30, 40, 70, and 80) and a high specific resistance (HA 80), led to the outrigger (spine of the tower), which was pumped at 180 m height in one piece (world record). Throughout the process of concreting Composites ID took over 100% of control on site and plan the organization and supply of concrete for the entire tower, becoming Composites ID responsible for all concretes that are above of 50 MPa.


COMPOSITES ID is a private research center specializing in the design, study and application of high-performance materials for construction. Born in 1999, under the philosophy of research, development and innovation.

Composites ID is a company dedicated to the execution of special projects wing in the construction sector.
It has a Research and Innovation Center recognized nationally and internationally.
Among its goals is the certification and testing of materials for use in the actual work (innovation)
In 2011, Composites ID has consumed the order of 30 tons of epoxy injections of dams and repair of concrete structures, especially airside airport facilities.

Composites ID develops work advice to companies and public and private institutions is always looking to get the objectives, optimizing technical and scientific resources that use.

We are in:

19, La Pasada Street

Industrial Area

Alpedrete 28430 Madrid

Phone: 91 857 92 74

Fax: 91 857 92 75


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